We Help You Dominate The Online Marketplace For Better Google Ranking With Proven Visibility And Exposure Campaign Strategies

We Help You Dominate The Online Marketplace For Better Google Ranking With Proven Visibility And Exposure Campaign Strategies

Helping Businesses Become Successful In A Competitive Online World.

Can you imagine having the right system in place that can help spark a business in difficult times and power it forward in good times. We get you seen in front of your competition by millions of quality buyers looking for your products & services on hundreds of major news worthy networks each month.


Powerful Media Network Resources | Guaranteed Omnipresence Platform | Hyper-Focused-Local-Ads | Kickass Brand Reputation Management | Exponential Customer Traffic | Startup Accelerator | Video | SlideShare & Podcasts.

GreenMarsMedia has the Most Promising Multi-Content Marketing System you’ll ever need. You can get ranked in the money pack with your local business when you let us do the work for you.

Are you using any form of paid advertising at the moment for your business? If not, then you’ve landed at the right place. If you haven’t decided what is the right fit for your business then welcome to you too.
Already with an agency but not seeing the results (like SEO experts promised)? Cannot afford the Hollywood style marketing big companies with big budgets have over you?
Or you don’t have the time or the know how about marketing? Don’t worry. You’re in for a treat. We’ve heard it all and like so many before you, you’ve managed to come at the right time.
So let’s jump in right away and tell you how we operate. Sounds Good? Great!
Unlike most agencies, GreenMarsMedia create and fulfill complete, proven, online brand authority by combining powerful multimedia marketing systems. A highly effective way of distributing company information for everyone to see with undeniably, super fast results.
Therefore, it enables businesses of any size an affordable, powerful, “seen everywhere” solution. It’s an ignition and explosion of different mediums and content altogether, going out to millions of potential customers over hundreds of major news networks about the services and products on offer.

Our Most Promising Multi-Content Marketing System is driven by the best AI technology on the market.

If you want to be the most searched corporation, person or brand today people realize the importance of building trust, credibly and authority. They’re spending 10’s of thousands of dollars to have their 5-10 min slots at big news networks or events. So why is that?
Likewise, small to midsize business owners spend thousands of dollars on billboard, print and radio announcements and have absolutely no validation on their advertising campaign or on the ROI. And the answer to the why: The power of online reputation is extraordinary massive in our busy world.
People and companies want a positive first impression when they search for you online. It’s appealing when your search results are positive. It means there are positive press releases, comments, reviews and top ratings as well as good social profiles… a powerful exposure and high online visibility.
So which customer will not seek you out and want to do business with you, hire you, or at least take a step towards getting to know you or your business better?
But If…
You have bad press releases, poor reviews, low ratings, bad online exposure and visibility, it’s to be expected that you will not be the right fit and that the searcher (your potential customer) will keep finding other companies to do business with. And if you’re strictly relaying on word of mouth then you should seriously consider closing your doors soon because that too will run dry.
Fact of the matter is… You could suffer a staggering loss of 22% when just one negative article is found by your potential customer that’s considering buying your product or service. As little as four negative results seen in a search query, could painfully result in you losing 70% of business.

But how does the Promising Multi-Content Marketing System work? We…

> Identify the products, services, and solutions you should be visible for with your business <
> Compare your visibility across the locations, neighborhoods, and regions you serve <
> Check your current visibility and the level of competition <
> Identify quick wins for new customers <
> Save time by knowing exactly where to focus your efforts to improve visibility with your target audience <
> Get an edge over the competition with data insights they won’t have <
> Color coded system tells you how you’re doing in the market. No guessing involved <
> Star rating system gives you a true detailed map of what you need to improve <
Ultimate Multi-Content Marketing System Snapshot Report
The High Level Snapshot Data Report gives you an idea of which areas to focus on for your business’ ideal market and customers/ clients

OPTION 1: Opportunity Snapshot Report

Simple Opportunities

ZERO complicated research process is necessary on your part as this report will help compare your visibility across the locations, neighborhoods, and regions you serve.

Fast Results

No need to wait months to see your current visibility and the level of competition. We’ll share this with you in days.

No Guessing on Competitors

Our color coded system tells you how you’re doing in the market as well as where you need to improve.

Low Hanging Fruit

You’ll be able to easily and quickly identify wins for new customers.

Save Valuable Time

Know exactly where to focus your efforts to improve visibility with your target audience.

Your Visibility Ratings

Easy to follow star rating & color system gives you a or even nothing much of note of what you need to improve.

Yours To Keep Forever

Keep this report and benefit from all the data and insights included forever. No strings attached.

Get An Edge Over the Competition

We’ll provide you with highly valuable data insights your competitors won’t have access to.

Your Discount Awaits

We charge $179/mo for this high level data report. But because you’re here today only $97/mo

OPTION 2: Hyper Local Ads Marketing Package (Best Way To Get Started – Zero Risk!)


12 Month Personalized Marketing Campaign

Our team of specialists will design a hyper local plan tailor made over the next 12 months, to increase your brand and business’ visibility in the search engines and across the internet.

No Long Term Contracts

We’ll never lock you into any financial obligations. There’s no monthly commitment and you can cancel anytime. This way you can see it’s working for your business without any risk whatsoever.

Build Rapid Trust Effortlessly

These Hyper Local Ad campaigns will help your business receive massive brand association and you’ll be able to use the same credibility as major brands. (as seen on Fox etc.)

Save Time And Money

Our team will orchestrate guaranteed placement of your business name, address and phone number on hundreds of major sites. This could take weeks for you to do this yourself as well as thousands of dollars.

Fast Results Guaranteed

We promise you’ll see initial results in as little as 30 days with visible results as soon as we launch the first campaign.

Focus On Increasing Your Revenue

You’ll be able to put your attention where it really matters as we’ll work with you to help identify the most profitable locations and clients for business.

Boost Results For Your Business

These campaigns will allow you to get more clients, customers, or patients and grow your business by becoming a trusted brand associated with major sites.

Tap Into More Traffic Sources

By having hyper local ads on Google News, Slideshare, multiple high traffic blogs you’ll expose your business to more potential customers, clients, or patients.

Powerful Audio Ads Included

We’ll expand your business’ visibility by placing local audio ads for your business in high traffic podcast directories like Google Podcast and PodBean.

Specialized Video Hyper Local Ads

We’ll also create these campaigns for your business on YouTube & Vimeo. No need to be on camera or record any videos. We’ll take care of this for you.

Consistent Growth In Google

We’ll improve your Google visibility & within 6 months guarantee top 3 Google & Google Maps rankings for individual hyper local services & products.

Receive MASSIVE Exposure And Results

We’ll create and place hyper local ads for your business on local NBC, Google News, CBS, and CW sites.

Reach Your Audience Easily

These hyper local ad campaigns will expose your business to MILLIONS of online visitors every single month.

Full Snapshot Report

And everything it includes above. Yours to keep even if you cancel.

*** Furthermore: Your Hyper Local Content Package Gets You ***

> 50% OFF the first 12 months <
> Featured on NBC & affiliates <
> Launched on Google News <
> Released on CBS & affiliates <
> Featured on CW & affiliates <
> Featured on Bing News <
> 100+ premium news networks <
> Placement on Slideshare <
> Syndication To Multiple Blog Networks <

+++ Plus +++

> We create and place audio ads in podcast directories like Google Podcast, PodBean, and others <
> Generate and place an ad for your business on YouTube <
> Create and place an ad for your business on Vimeo <
> Develop a long term strategy plan (snapshot report) & update you monthly with our progress and results <
> Deliver guaranteed proven visibility within just 14 days (with a minimum of 3 days after publication) <
> Continue to improve Google visibility with no extra effort as you become more popular using our deep knowledge of what works <
> We help your business receive massive brand association <
> Orchestrate guaranteed placement of your business name, address and phone number on hundreds of major sites <
> 30 Day Refund Guaranteed (no questions asked) <
We’ll also include 3 months on all of these sites for FREE and help set up your Google Business Profile (GBP) the correct way when you take advantage of The Most Promising Multi-Content Marketing System and let us take care of your business marketing.

The Fastest Way To Establish Instant Authority Is To Become Associated With Already Trusted Brands

Almost everyone is using the internet to find and decide which business to work with. Big businesses pay thou$and$ more per month for less visibility and online exposure, than what we’re offering at a fraction of the investment. Your business seen on major sites and networks will build credibility and customers like to know and see who they deal with.
Our team know the importance of quality content, what Google likes and what works for our clients and what can work for your business. You won’t find any thumb-sucking from our side when we deliver your monthly report showing where you’ve gained exposure and climbed the rankings.
Doing strong backlink work, our client’s website rank higher than their competition who is solely focused on on-page work. It’s a highly proven and effective way of boosting Google ranking through high-authority backlinks.
Needles to say but worth mentioning is that your business information, your product range or your services offered can have a positive impact on profitability when Google shows your business in front of your competition as a search result.
What Does It Mean For Your Business?
With a significant improvement on high-authority backlinks, organic ranking, followers, customers’ retention and referral traffic, imagine how your business can change over the next couple of months. It’s ever present content.
Your published content will remain on all the news sites and networks to be seen – even years down the line someone would still be able to find your business with your contact details on hundreds of news networks and mediums to do business with you.
What do you have to do? Nothing. Will it mess up the daily planning and running of your company? Of course not. We’ll take care of your marketing plan and everything else so you can focus on what is most precious to you.
Customer behavior online drives revenue and growth now more than ever. That is why it’s so extremely important to look after your online reputation. Will you allow us to help you with your marketing and lead you in the right direction?
We believe in helping local communities and their businesses and most importantly, we believe in your business succeeding. Do you have enough room for growth when you get more visitors, clients or patients looking for your services and products?
Why Do It Yourself When You Know Someone Can Do It Better And Faster?
We’re here to surpass expectations. We’re going the extra mile to outperform other marketing agencies that don’t deliver when they said they could. And to start seeing the results, the process is seamless…
Click here and complete the easy questionnaire. One of our team members will get back to you once they confirm your details. That will be the only requirement from your side since we’ll be the ones doing all the marketing research for crafting your winning campaigns, to get your business the best exposure and online visibility.
It’s really that simple. No need to try and figure this out yourself. It will take months to accomplish and tens of thousand in marketing costs. Take the easy path and let the Most Promising Multi-Content Marketing System take your business to the next level. You’re in safe and capable hands here. We’ve got your back!
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Take Advantage Of The Most Promising Multi-Content Marketing System Today – Zero Risk 30 Day Refund Guarantee. You will not find another platform quite like this!

GreenMarsMedia: We know what works.