Our tactics can help spark your business in difficult times and power it forward in good times. Request your FREE consultation today!

Our tactics can help spark your business in difficult times and power it forward in good times. Request your FREE consultation today!

The Most Unique And Diverse Marketing Platform On This Planet

We Get Your Business Seen Universally!


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The highly effective, passion-driven team of GreenMarsMedia offers you a unique and diverse marketing platform encounter like none other.

Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!

P. T Barnum

Businesses are adapting to rapid changing situations and to new levels of what is possible!

Small to mid-size businesses selling services or products are looking for a unique and diverse approach to market their business. Specifically business owners and managers that want to stand out from all the noise on the internet. Therefore the need to be seen “everywhere” are crucial to the success of most businesses. How else are you expecting to survive the good and bad times?

So how effective is your online campaign or advertisement going?

Does your marketing agency identify the products, services and solutions you should be visible for?

Compare your visibility across location, neighborhood, and regions you serve?

See you current visibility and level of competition? Identify quick wins for new customers?

Save time by knowing exactly where to focus your efforts to improve visibility with your target audience?

Get an edge over competition with data insight they don’t have? Do you get a color-coded system, which tells you how you’re doing in the market?

Turn your reds to greens with our omnichannel platform.

Our Snapshot report does just that. Get a 5 star rated system giving you a true detailed map of what you need to improve.

The no faith dilemma with advertising agencies!

We found that companies in general have been burned before by agencies promising overnight branding glory. Paying high charges and not getting any results months later is unheard of. In some cases more than 8-16 months! For one thing they’ve wasted valuable time and you dumping money into a never-ending pit of nothing is unfortunate.

So we have taken responsibility upon ourselves to help build trust, where others have failed. We’re getting results for our clients in a matter of days. Usually 72 hours after publication of their services or products. Without changing a thing we’ve increased their digital marketing experience and have omnipresence!

The Most Unique & Diverse Distribution Platform On This Planet!

We’ve spent years building an unprecedented, unique and diverse distribution platform. We’re leveling the playing field against big companies with big budgets for your business to have new opportunities with our distribution network!

Unlike most agencies, GreenMarsMedia create and fulfill online brand authority by combining powerful multimedia tactics. These include informative news articles; blogs, videos, slideshare and podcasts, and we amplify these mediums on major network sites. A highly effective way of distributing company information for everyone to see with undeniably, super results.

This enables businesses of any size an affordable, powerful omnipresence solution. It’s an ignition and explosion of different mediums and content. Not to mention this going out to millions of potential customers over hundreds of media sites about their services and products on offer.

As a matter of fact: Google loves these citations and rewards our clients with better rankings. And everyone likes rewards, right?

We’re not in the business of selling our services.  We’re in the business of serving our customers. Our services are ideal for businesses looking for new projects, customers, clients and patients through targeted advertising in their local area.

In case you’re wondering?

We’ve helped contractors (and professionals alike), estate agents, architects, physiotherapists, dentists, accountants and solar companies. We’re not limited to other businesses and our platform offer powerful exposure to most services and products on the market.

Check out our clients case studies at the top to understand how we’ve helped a variety of businesses with their omnipresence, get in front of their competitors and target market.

Our unique platform can get you on Google 3-Pack

People and companies are more likely to hire businesses that have great exposure and brand association. Take control of your business and let us get your campaign out to the right crowd!

Don’t fall into the trap of not advertising your services or products because referrals unfortunately, do run dry. Our clients experienced this first hand, before they came to us for help. Nevertheless, we’ve helped rebuilt a solid, successful foundation, an online brand presence and distinctness for their businesses to help them grow and drive sales!

How our diverse platform helped our clients

Discover the right approach. See how we’ve helped Edward (and many others) make a huge impact and dominate the market with his own specialized campaign!

Do you have the courage to trust us and join our unique and diverse distribution platform?

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Click here, complete the quick questionnaire to help us get to know you and your business. Use code GMM25% with your answer on the last tab and let’s get the ball rolling. We’re in this together!

No company is too big or small to use our platform

No matter the size of your business, we’re confident we can help you too!

A business without advertising itself is like not sending invites while you’re having a party.

Stay safe

The GreenMarsMedia Team

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